Kingston University Product & Furniture Design Graduates 2018
Fresh Produce Show


b. 1986, HK.


Tutors :

Philip Davies
Jon Harrison
Carl Clerkin
Andy Dray
Alex Hellum
Rodrigo Gonzales
Stephan Knott

Visiting Tutors :

Pascal Anson
Lucy Kurrein
Kathleen Hills
Max Frommeld
Ian McIntyre
Felix de Pass


The Product & Furniture Design BA(Hons) course provides an intensive three-dimensional design education which emphasis conceptual creative thought as well as the practical knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Central to your experience is the development of an appreciation of 'intelligent making'. The course values the practical knowledge and understanding gathered from direct experience and use of materials and technologies in context. You are expected to develop sensitivity toward both your physical and perceived qualities as well as your potential creative, sustainable and appropriate application.

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